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The start of my journey

Today is the day which I am set to leave for KL. Since my bus would only depart at 4.30PM, I had to enough time, after waking up in the morning, to run some of my final errands. I had to first deposit a certain amount of money which would be sustaining me for the entire 3 months of my internship in KL. Next, I had to send my bike back to the workshop as the wiring had a little problems after having to change a new battery last month. As it would take up a few hours for the foreman to solve the wiring problems, I asked if he had a spare bike which I could temporarily use as I had more errands to run. I, then, proceeded to KDU College Penang to register for a new semester's subject, which is practical training. I had to pay a sum of RM 895 for a job that I may be getting a very small sum of allowance. But what can I do? I want to get my Diploma, so I've just got to swallow up this facts and go about doing my stuff. I also had to head over to the Internet Lab to print out a few documents that is required for my intern.

After settling all of these, I joined phatz and Helene at the cafeteria for lunch. One which all three of us have grown bored of but still have it as it is the nearest available Economy rice though not the cheapest, even for one that is catered to students. After lunch, I was very tempted to head over to Gurney Plaza for quick purchase of Famous Amos chocolate chips cookies. But in the good mind of budgeting, I used whatever will power I could master at that time and pushed that very thought to the back of my head. So instead, I rode the bike back to where my baby of a bike was, stripped down of the front to allow easier handlings of the wiring.  But all was good as the foreman managed to rewire back everything properly with all the bulbs lighting up.

And so, I left the shop and went straight home. Now, I looked at my small luggage bag packed with all the clothes and things that I need, and then turned to look at the items such as my blanket and shoes and such that have not been stuffed in yet. Deciding that I would not force the luggage to a tearing point, I decided to use the larger luggage bag which grandma gave me or rather lend me. Took everything out of the small bag and in to the large bag they all went, including all the stuff which I have not packed. Also helped grandma store the things which should be up in the attic and then went to take a quick bath as at that point, I was already sweating like... well sweating alot.. XD

And so, We made our way to the Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal, where I'll be boarding the bus to KL and leave behind a loving family for 3 whole months. Damn, I'm gonna miss all of them, not that this is my first time leaving home to KL for work, but the thought of leaving my comfy bed and pillows, my fridge supply of chocolates, grandma's awesome cooking, my sis and PSK and even my dogs is just saddening. Hope I don't get homesick again the way I did when I was working with DiGi.

I arrived at Bukit Jalil in KL and after a short while of waiting, was picked up by my uncle Kok Cheong and my cousin Stacie and went straight back to the place which I will be calling "home" for the next 3 months and maybe, just maybe, if I do get to enrol into Taylor's College for my degree, the next 2 years. Just finished packing some of the stuff which belonged to Joash Wee, the previous person who's room I'll be sleeping in as his family and him all met with a horrible accident which resulted in their deaths. May God bless their souls and may their souls rest in peace. Amen.

Alright, this is as far as I'll post for the night. It's been a long day and I'm sweaty and tired. Till next time. Cheers and Peace! 


Shopping and Group Makan

 So, as I was about to leave on Wednesday to KL for the next three months for my internship, I realised that there are a few items which I needed to shop for like formal wear for work as I did not have enough, hair gel (mine is finishing), hangers and some other stuff. But I did not want to go shopping alone, I mean c'mon, where's the fun in that!!? So since Jennifer was down in Penang and so have a few of my friends from cathecism, we decided to have an outing.

Before I met up with Jennifer to go shopping (the rest could only make it at night), I went to the cobbler first to get my Nike shoes fixed as the base of the shoes were starting to open up and then proceeded to meet Alex, my awesome hairstylist, for a hair cut.

After my hair cut, I went back home for lunch first and only then, took the car out to go pick Jen up. But it was not a direct drive to her place. Why? Because I had to stop by the Sungai Nibong bus terminal to get my bus ticket for the next day and to the Caltex patrol station along the coastal highway to... well what else can I do there? lolz... Lastly, I finally went over to Jen's place to pick her up and then head over to Gurney Plaza for some good shopping. XD

Just as planned, we headed to Parkson in Gurney Plaza to shop for my formal wear, and since it is in the middle of the Malaysian Mega Sale season, almost EVERYTHING in the Men's department had deals of up to 70% discount!! I'm serious! But a good majority of them were 50% off, but even that is a good offer! Because of that, I was able to buy a pair of slacks from D'urban for about RM 60+ and 2 striped, dark-coloured long sleeves shirts from Seed for about RM 110. So it was not all that bad.. I kept to my Budget of RM 300 for clothes and also for the other items like my hair gel which I bought at Watsons. Just before we left Gurney, I took Jen over to Hot 'n' Roll for some of Pat and my favorite snacks, PARATHA!! or rather what Pat and I calls it, Stuffed and flavoured Roti Canai, (Yes baby, I know that u're screaming "I WANT PARATHA ALSO!!" hehe.. XD) Jen had the Banana Chocolate Paratha which is sliced bananas on the Paratha, topped with Hershey's Chocolate Syrup.. and I had Strawberry Paratha, which is Strawberry Jam spread Paratha topped with chocolate chips, Yes! You read it right, Chocolate CHIPS! XD What happens is because of the heat from the grill and the Paratha itself, the chocolate chip eventually melts to form a THICK YUMMY CHOCOLATE FILL in the Paratha!! (=^.^=). (Baby, I have a feeling that you're drooling from the thought of the strawberry Paratha.. hehehe XD)

With the Paratha's in our hands and us happily bitting into them, we headed to the car park and proceeded to leave for Queensbay Mall. Yes, I know what most of you readers are thinking "why in the world would you drive from one end of the island to the other end just to end up driving back to where we came from in the first place?". The reason is because the meeting place with the rest of the gang is in Queensbay and not Gurney. Plus! It would be cheaper to buy hangers and new pairs of socks from Jusco and Jen had to buy bread home for her family from the bakery at Jusco as well! We bought what we needed and proceeded to walk away from the bakery only to walk pass the stall that sells Takoyaki, a Japanese snack that comes in the form of Balls stuffed with octopus, and being a food junkie who is hungry most of the time and add on to the fact that we were both tempted with its smell, we decided to buy a box of three each. And so, we left the Jusco area with the boxed of Takoyakis in our hands and happily stuffing our faces with it.. XD

Slowly, as we were stuffing our faces, time was passing, OBVIOUSLY! lolz,.. the group slowly came together. First came Stephanie Fong, which we met up in front of Sushi King, then came Myra Loh. then it was Ken at Borders at 8pm and lastly Claudia, who met up with us in front of McD. Once everyone had arrived, we proceeded to decide where to head for dinner, and after a brief discussion and aimless walking, we decided to go to Shabu-Shabu, a Japanese restaurant on the top floor of Queen's that sold buffet Steamboat. But since Ken and Myra both already had their dinner before meeting up with us, we rejected the idea as they would've been charged as well if we were to walk in though they're not eating. So after another discussion, we decided to head over to Kim Gary because Jen said that she had not been there for a long time.

At Kim Gary, instead of looking for the main courses first, Jen went for the dessert instead and only after that did she proceed on to ordering her main meal as we all did minus the dessert. I too had ordered the dessert, thinking that it would've been served last after my main course, but when the food came, the desserts were the first to be brought out by the waiter. =.=lll During meals, the subjects of discussion had an interesting way of developing, we went from talking about random topics to animal nicknames to chipmunks, squirrels and hamsters as well as their eating habits, to experiences in handling very young children to baby sitting skills, types and techniques to future parental patterns... how did the conversations developed in such a matter? I have absolutely no idea as well, but we sure did laugh a lot about these topics.

After the dinner, Claudia wanted, very badly, to go check out the fun fair that was going on beside the mall, it one of those traveling fun fairs. And since there was no rush, we all went over to check it out and it sure brought back a lot of hilarious memories from the Pesta outing in 2004 like the happenings while we were on the ride known to many as 'Top Gun' as well as the curses which were being thrown about by our fellow friends throughout the ride. We walked around the grounds of the fun fair to see what rides were possibly fun to ride but would not help empty our full stomachs the way the food went in, if you know what I mean. So we decided to go for 2 different rides. The first, which name I've so conveniently forgotten, was a ride which spins around fast while tilting the ride inwards, we rode this ride before in 2004, which ended up being a rather fond memory of those of us who were there, thus the reason for going on this ride. But to our disappointment, the ride was not as fun nor was it as fast as it was then. Stephanie and Myra sat out on this ride though and was watching us from the sidelines. Then, the second ride, which everyone of us took part in, was the 'Bumper Car'. And boy was this ride fun for all of us. Driving around in mini cars just for the purpose of banging other drivers' vehicles with our's. 

As it was getting late, we decided that it was time to leave and head home. I don't know about the rest of them, but I personally sure had tons of fun hanging out with them after such a long time. Hope that we can all go to Pesta together or organise a trip up to Genting Highlands together sometime soon.

A picture that was taken just before we parted.
p/s: How I wish a certain baby of mine could've been there shopping with me and hanging out with the gang. I miss her soooo much... *sigh*

The Shoot of a Beauty

Well, to tell you the truth... i can't remember the date of when pat had her first solo photoshoot... but what i can tell u is this...

She was such a beautiful babe on the day of the shoot...

Ok.. so the nite before the shoot, she asked me to give her my honest opinion about the outfit which she had initially planned to where
to the photo shoot. It was a dress which she had bought from an online chinese boutique.. yea.. u read it right.. they specialise in taiwanese and japanese fashions.. most of the clothes selections offered are pretty good actually..  so back to pat. She planned to wear this.

and she wanted to pair it with a pair of boots which she bought from HK.. 

To be honest, the dress looked very very cute on her.. but the only problem was that the length of the dress was kinda short, and i mean right below her bum short. The more she moved, the higher up her bod it goes! Now, i'm not just about to let any pathetic and random Tom, Dick and Harry to get a free show of my beloved's precious bum!

Plus. Pair with her boots, the look was just weird and... empty.. i don't know how to clearly explain it.. it just didn't look right..

Since pat wanted to go for a rocker chick look, i googled up a few samples and thought about what outfits she had that we could possibly match up to the theme and we decided to let her go for a white long sleeve shirt (with the sleeves rolled up of course) and her japanese school girl kinda skirt paired up with her boots.. the end result?


                                               Now isn't she just BEAUTIFUL!!?
So i tagged along and too my camera along to try my luck and whatever little skills i have to shoot my girlfriend with my camera while lynn shoots her.

the Result? some were good while others weren't. But baby loved the shots i took for reasons only she knew as i myself was not really satisfied with my shots. but yea... here are a few samples to my shots


that and a few more shots from various locations... more of the pics will be uploaded to Facebook... by God knows when.. 


30/10/09 (Friday)

Seeing that livejournal is being a bitch to me and not properly responding to the buttons command i'll just proceed with this article in bold and underline.

What a great day it was. i had lots of sleep as there were no replacement classes nor video shootings which required my presence. i woke up to what seemed like a normal, average day. However, little did i know, it was about to turn into one of the most memorable to me although it may seem like just an everday event to others.

First of all, i had a visit from one of my favorite aunts, aunty anne, who is currently sleeping over in my room along with a cousin of mine which, for the first time in my 21 years, never knew of each other's existance. Her name was Melissa a.k.a lisa..

next, i had a date with the love of my life, a date which i have looking forward to all week. we met up at her place after she freshened up after work and then proceeded to Gurney plaza. Here's the weird part, we both had lunch before meeting up, but by the time we met up, which by the way was only 5pm, were both hungry to the point of our tummies rumbling. We both agreed that it was too early for dinner so we went on to GSC as planned. Seeing that both of us are outdated with movies, we decided to go for 2 movies. We couldn't do a back-to-back as we needed the break for dinner! So what did we watch? the first one, which surprisingly was rather empty, was Michael Jackson's "This is it". Both Pat and I are fans of Michael, although not hardcore fans, but we both grew up listening and moving to the tunes of the King of Pop. I will not give off the contents of the show, but what i can say is that it was indeed a great lost to all the fans of Michael Jackson as well as those who had already bought the "this is it" concert tickets. Not because it was bad, but because a concert which could have been the concert of the year was cancelled due to Michael's death. The songs featured in the movie such as "man in the mirror", "earth song", "human nature", "billy jean" and "heal the world", to mention a few amongst all, brought back nostalgic memories and feelings to both of us.

Seeing that we were both famished and the next movie that we were going to watch was at 9.45pm, we decided to go straight for dinner. As usual, we couldn't decide where to go in Gurney Plaza for dinner. However, since my sayang was feeling cold, we decided to eat it somewhere outdoors. So where did we decide to head over to? Breeks... Yup! Breeks, the food was not bad, the price is rather reasonable and, well, you get the idea. Sayang had some Dorry fish dish while I had Korean Garlic Chicken Bugolgi and our drinks were iced lemon tea for her and iced strawberry and lemon tea for him. Dinner was good, but the waiter kinda lied to sayang when he said the dish wasn't spicey but sweet and sour. Her dish came out with sliced red chilly as part of the sauce. not spicey my ass. As we both, for some reason, had sweet teeth after dinner, we decided to order ice-cream. i can't really remember the name of the ice-cream which we ordered but there was "mini" in its name as it had two sizes. It was not bad as the serving portion was enough for the both of us to share. The desert was made up of cookie and cream milk shake as the base, 3 scoops of chocolate ice-cream, whip cream and an oreo cookie on top as a finishing touch. Chee Kian (is this how you spell the chicken's name?) came to join us just as our desert was served. He was there with Fu Tong, a friend from college and they were going to watch "Jennifer's body" starring Megan fox. We just talked til kingdom come and by the time we knew it, it was already time for us to pay the bill, and head back over to GSC for our movies.

This time round, sayang and i were watching "the Time Traveler's Wife". A very touching show indeed. So touching that i was pushed to the verge of tears while sayang ended up crying. A great story line and plot combined with great actors, actresses and effects brings about a great movie. i wouldn't mind watching it a second or even a third time and would gladly recommend it to my friends, especially to those who are in love.

We, as in sayang and I, headed over to her place as it was close to her curfew and i, well, let's just say natured called. We then decided to measure all of our height as we felt that i was somehow taller. and indeed, i did grow, by 4cm since high school. i am now about 5 feet 7 inches, sayang is about 5 feet 4 and a half inches and paulina is 5 feet 5 inches.

Paulina went to bed early, while sayang and i were just lying on her bed, or rather, she sat on her bed while i laid my head on her lap, and we just shared our stories about how our days were before we met up. And, just as usual, time flies faster when we are together and it was time for me to go home and for sayang to sleep..

God Bless Michael Jackson, his fam


dinner, chocolates and romance...

25/10/09 (Sunday)

What a great an awesome day it was... Though the day started off a little slow with me being like a sloth, just lying in my bed at 10.30 am, rubbing my eyes and wondering what unplanned events would take place that day...

True to my instincts, i had to cancel out on the guys for Score A meeting... Why? coz my uncle's new furnitures were being moved into his newly renovated house. where is that? right next door... yup! that's right! my uncle, youngest brother of my father, lives just next door... and the best part? our porches are connected which means more space for Timmy and Snappy to run around happily, provided that they don't start fighting. Darn was his house awesome and cool! it was so much different then my home but then again, we're families, so there's nothing much for me to complain about other than wanting to INSTALL AN AIR-CONDITIONER IN MY SAUNA OF A ROOM!! >_<  Although a wall fan usually gets me through the night, my rooms is so damn stuffy and humid during the day... the fan itself blows out hot air and is circulating hot air... FROM THE ENTIRE HOUSE INTO MY ROOM!!! and my family wonders why my doors are shutted most of the time.. haiz..

Then came dinner and boy was i looking forward to it. The reason for my excitement is rather simple too actually and easily understandable especially by those who are in love... <3<3..  haiz.. yes.. you've guessed it, dinner was with the love of my heart, my girlfriend along with her mom and sis and.. well... someone else... lolz... i went over to her place first to meet up with her family as it was easier to carpool.. it was sooooo CUTE to see my girl all blur and still groggy from having just woken up from her much needed sleep which she took after returning home from her work in SMC. And to top it off... she still had the "little just got out of bed and wants to fall back asleep" look... hahaha... can you imagine my reaction!? i was like "aww..... sooo cute!!! >_<" and my initial response to that look? PINCH HER CHEEKS!! bwaahhahaha.. i mean come on! which guy can resist the cuteness of their girlfriends looking like their younger times? And after a little cute time together, we along with the mentioned, headed out for dinner.

This time round, aunty sally (pat's mom) said we would be heading off to somewhere cheap, well for me personally, as long as there is food and i dun have to eat fish (either than sushi & sashimi), i'm game.. but then again... i must remember to keep in mind that in aunty sally's "books of belanja makan", her cheap doesn't mean kopi tiam or hawker stalls... my proof of that statement? we headed over Nippon Yataimura in Pulau Tikus... =.=''' and that's her so called cheap.. but hey, i like japanese food.. so i was like "WOW!!", all of us, except my sayang, had ramen... Paulina had the Shoyu Ramen, Aunty Sally and that unmentionable person had Kyushu Ramen and I who initially wanted to order the Kyushu Ramen, ordered the Wakayama Ramen instead after seeing the others already having it... T.T but it was not bad... Aunty Sally also tried to fill up everyone's tummy by ordering salmon sushi, tuna maki and spider rolls. we all had our fill and it was not bad though i dun like the fact that Nippon Yataimura changed their menus simply to make more money for themselves... yes it's just a business, but come on! they're a Japanese Restaurant for crying out loud! why do we have to pay additional money for something that SHOULD HAVE BEEN PART OF A STANDARD BENTO!! can you believe it!? when you order a bento, they only give you the rice and the dish of your choice such as chicken, pork, beef, fish, yada yada yada... but then if you want things like the Miso soup and the Chawamushi which should have been part of the bento and not as an additional, you have to PAY TO GET WHAT YOU SHOULD'VE GOTTEN IN THE FIRST PLACE!! so damn ridiculous!! haiz... what a sad place that is and it has officially gotten into my "no good for recommendations" book...

we then headed over to island plaza to do some groceries shopping with aunty sally as there were a few things that she needed to get.. when we reached, we initially thought it would just be aunty sally and either paulina or the certain someone, but turns out we all had to go down.. Aunty Sally got down from her side which was the front passenger side and Paulina got down from the left passenger side. At first, I thought that sayang sayang, who was sitting in the centre, would go out through paulina's side of the door as 1) it was safer as it was on the side walk side and 2) because she moved her body to that side of the door... so without thinking twice, i got down from the car and shut the door immediately as there was an on coming car. So i got down, expecting to see my sayang getting down from the other side of the car, but as i turned and walked towards to side walk of the plaza, i was surprise to only find paulina and aunty sally standing by Star Bucks and pat was no where to be found. At first, i thought that maybe she was standing behind one of the pillars near aunty Sally, but when i looked, she wasn't there. So, naturally, i was confused as to where she could've gone off to in a blink of an eye without me realising it. So, as i was looking around for her, out of curiosity, i turned to look into the car, and guess what, there she was, on the side of the door which i shutted, waiting for another on coming car to pass so that she can open the door... yes, i unintentionally shut the car door in my girlfriends face. And to quote the unmentioned person, "another two more inches and it would've have hit her face".. my initial response to realising what i've done? BURST OUT LAUGHING MY ASS OFF!! but of coz i was apologetic afterwards, but it wasn't done on purpose so both of us, as in sayang and i, laughed at the incident while aunty Sally wonders what just happened. we went up to the furnishing department of metrojaya first as Aunty Sally needed to get a new set of comforters. Then we headed down to cold storage for grocery shopping.

After all those shopping, we finally headed back to Sayang's place to unwind and chill. So, sayang, knowing that i was still hungry as i have a big appetite and noodles are easily digested by my high methabolism rate, offered to give me a donut, or rather a few donuts from Big Apples, but me being the shy one, only took one.. and comes the best part.. for me at least... Aunty Sally (who seems to like watching me eat with that Big, or to put it her way, healthy appetite of mine) came around and found out what we were doing. but instead of being upset that i was still not full after the bowl of ramen and sushis which i had and was still ransacking her refrigerator for more food, took the donut which was already in a plate and put it into the microwave to re-heat. when it was done and i was sitting on the counter to dig into it, she added on to my happiness by asking me to finish off what's left of her box of GODIVA CHOCOLATES!! i was like "OMFG!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!? YAY!!" and was already shooting up to cloud nine out of sheer happiness.. can you believe it!? it was not simple things like cadburry or things like ferrero, it was freaking GODIVA CHOCOLATES!! even sayang couldn't believe what she heard... and to top it off, she didn't allow the annonymous person to touch the box she gave me, instead, she opened a new one and only gave him ONE! And to top it all off, she added on to my plate, CADBURRY CHOCLETTES!! i was like... @.@.. as well as a glass of orange juice... it was like the stars where aligned just for me... *tears of joy* and so.. i happily sat there eating my chocolate filled donut, my box of Godiva Chocolates and my plate of Cadburry Choclettes...

After finishing my haven of chocolates, i went over to the living room to join Aunty Sally who was, at that time, watching "The Sex and the City - the Movie". i've never watched it before, so i was like, why not!? but instead of sitting on the sofa where she sat with annonymous, i sat on the bean back which was on the floor.. the movie was very good and very romantic indeed... but i shall not elaborate further... my day/night ended with me leaving my sayang's place after giving her a massage and a kiss by her door followed by the slow closing of the elevator door and my ride home...

saddened and hurt

Things have been happening, and things have passed, words were said and advice were given...

i'm hurt that you could not let go, i'm hurt that it's been bottled up. i'm hurt that things are no longer how it used to be, and i'm hurt that my advice and teachings were ignored...

Why can't you let go off the pass, i know u love me, but i want to let go of my past....

u've just came out of one war, i don't want to see you getting hurt in my war..

i've told you once that anger is neutral, what you do with it is the outcome and result of the anger... 

i've told you not to hold on too long to pain, hurt and anger.. it will poisin your heart and mind..

yet, you hold on to those pain, hurt and anger, which thus build up to this new anger...

why won't you let go of all this pain and look forward to the future??

why can't you see that i want to end disputes with peace?

hardness with gentleness,

anger with camlness?

i know that you love me and i know its depth, 

you know of my love for you and you know how sincere..

pls oh pls... i beg of you... pls let go of all your past hatred, pls let go of all the pain, release your anger, but in a different way..

i've always been here to listen to your problems and sadness, i'm always here to let you release your anger..

so why do you always take back those anger, hatred and pain after pouring them out?

am i not enough to relief you of all these?? 

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What color/kind of socks are you wearing?
[ ] Red = loud
[ ] Green = stupid
[X] None = freaky
[ ] Fuzzy = gorgeous
[ ] Yellow = innocent
[ ] Purple = a little too happy
[ ] Black = emo
[ ] Stripes = funny
[ ] Gray = skanky
[ ] Pink = preppy
[ ] Light blue = sweaty
[ ] Other = hot
[ ] White = sexy

What kind of pants are you wearing?
[ x ]Shorts = cutie
[ ]Skirt/skort = skank
[ ]Corduroy = faggot homosexual
[ ]Tight jeans = scene kid
[ ]Ripped jeans = emo
[ ]Cammo = cage fighter
[ ]Jeans = prep
[ ]Pajamas = pimp
[ ]Cargo = clown
[ ]Sweats = athlete
[ ]Boxers = brat
[ ]Booty shorts = female
[ ]Capris = Gangster
[ ]Nothing = hoe
[ ]Dickies = weirdo
[ ]Bikini bottoms = tiki girl
[ ]Other = sex addict

What is your natural hair color?
[ ]Auburn = that every one wants to make out with
[ ]Blonde = with a broken heart
[ ]Black = with a sexy smile
[X]Dark brown = with a hot boyfriend/girlfriend
[ ]Red = that likes to have fun
[ ]Brown = who loves to be different
[ ]Dirty blonde= with a nice ass
[ ]Bald = with herpes

Pick the month you were born on:
[ ]1 = who ate
[ ]2 = who needed
[ ]3 = who killed
[ ]4 = who shot
[ ]5 = who killed
[ ]6 = who smoked with
[ ]7 = who banged
[ ]8 = who ran shirtless with
[ x ]9 = who got stabbed horribly by
[ ]10 = who cuddled with
[ ]11 = who slept with
[ ]12 = who ran naked with

Pick the day you were born on:
[ ]01 = the kool-aid man
[ ]02 = a dog
[ ]03 = a shoe
[ ]04 = a toothbrush
[ ]05 = Santa Claus
[ ]06 = The Trojan man
[ ]07 = Barney the dinosaur
[ ]08 = a prostitute
[ ]09 = a porn star
[ x ]10 = a bag of weed
[ ]11 = my lover
[ ]12 = a glass of milk
[ ]13 = a horse
[ ]14 = a lesbian
[ ]15 = a stripper
[ ]16 = a pickle
[ ]17 = a jew
[ ]18 = a homo
[ ]19 = an orange
[ ]20 = my mom
[ ]21 = a homeless guy
[ ]22 = a whore
[ ]23 = my crush
[ ]24 = an easter egg
[ ]25 = a jar of honey
[ ]26 = a condom
[ ]27 = a bowl of cereal
[ ]28 = a french fry
[ ]29 = your dealer
[ ] 30 = Paris Hilton
[ ]31 = your grandma

Pick the color/kind of the shirt you are wearing
[ ] White = because I love marijuana
[ x ]Black = because i'm sexy as hell
[ ]Pink = Because the lil people told me to
[ ]Blue = because I have AMAZING boobs
[ ]Red = because I'm a pimp and your jealous
[ ]Polka Dots = because I hate my life
[ ]Purple = because I'm gay
[ ]Gray = because I got dared
[ ]Other = because that's how I roll
[ ]Green = because I'm good in bed
[ ]Orange = because I smoke crack
[ ]Turquoise = because I have a noodle in my nose
[ ]Brown = because I had to
[ ]Shirtless = because I've got abs




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B - BIRTHDAY: 10th September 1988
D - DRINK YOU LAST HAD: does ice which melted in my mouth count?? @.@
E - EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO: who else other than my darling girlfriend??
F - FAVORITE SONG: too many, too lazy to list all down.. lolz
H - HOMETOWN: Air Itam, penang, malaysia, south east asia, asia,earth, the milky way... anymore?
I - IN LOVE WITH: Patrice Chan Siew Yin
J - JUGGLE: With 2 balls... XD
K - KILLED SOMEONE: hmm... yes... characters in games and bosses
L - LONGEST CAR RIDE: 8 hours from penang to JB when i was working with Event Plus
N - NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: Original bloodline => youngest of 3, extended => dad >extra 2 more, =>mom> also extra 2 more
O - ONE WISH: simple.... to have an infinite amounts of wishes!! XD
R- REASON TO SMILE: being alive??  
S - SONG YOU LAST HEARD: Gravity by David Archuleta
W - WORST HABIT: hmm.. erm... can't remember 
X - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD: 4! 3 for my arms and shoulders and 1 for my head 
Y – YOYOS ARE: cool and can be used as a weapon... hehehe *grinsevilly*
Z - ZODIAC SIGN: Virgo!!

Random Questions About You:

Spell your name without vowels: Bngns Chh K Gn
What color do you wear most?: BLUE!! thanks to my jeans
What are you listening to?: People talking in class
Are you happy with your life right now?: Yes... 
What is your favorite class in school?: English
Are you outgoing?: quite
Favorite pairs of shoes?: all my shoes??

Can you dance?: Para-para 
Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth?: Never tried it before...
Can you whistle?: yes... 
Write with both hands?: yes but my left hand's handwriting is worse than a kindy kid's 
Walk with your toes curled?: Yes =P

Do you believe there is life on other planets?: yes
Do you believe in miracles?:  yes
Do you believe in magic?: As in the card tricks and illusions? there always lie a trick behin
Do you believe in Love at first sight?: Maybe...?
Do you think there's a Satan?: Erm...I don't know...
Do you believe in Santa?: as in saint nicholas yes, the fat santa on the roof.... no
Do you know how to swim?: Yes 
Do you think you could handle the stuff they eat on those reality shows?: no

Have you ever asked someone out?: yes
Have you ever been asked out by someone?: yup
Have you ever been to the ocean?: Yes and i've swam in them too.. ^.^
Have you ever painted your nails?: Yes... for halloween last year

What is the temperature outside?: warm/hot 
What radio station do you listen to?: Mix.fm... 
What was the last restaurant you ate at?: Le cafe in KDU
What was the last thing you bought?: My Food!? Lamb Stew 
Who was the last person you took a picture of?: can't remember 

Ever really cried your heart out?: yes
Ever cried yourself to sleep?: yes
Ever cried on your friend's shoulder?: Yes.
Ever cried over the opposite sex?: Yes...
Do you cry when you get an injury?: no... i cuss more.. >P
Do certain songs make you cry?: depending on the mood and situation

Are you a happy person?: I think so??
What can make you happy?: Being with my friends, being with my sayang and RICH CHOCOLATE!! 
Do you wish you were happier?: i gues everyone would
Can music make you happy?: Depends on my mood and who i'm listening it with

How many times have you had your heart broken?: Many Times
Have you ever loved someone so much that you'd die for them?: Yes

What is your current hair color?: Blackish Brown... not really noticable
Current piercings?: None
Eye color?: Brown.

Favorite eye color: no favorites, but admire blue and ocean green colour 
Short or long hair: Short for myself and long for the girl i love
Height: Preferably shorter than me... 

Been to jail: nope
Thrown up in a store: nope 
Done something really stupid that you still laugh at today?: can't remember 

Pepsi or Coke: both 
McDonald's or Burger King: McDonald's, definitely. XD
Single or Group Dates: Depends.
Chocolate or Vanilla: IS THIS A TRICK QUESTION!!!!? o.O 
Strawberries or Blueberries: i like strawberries but would also like to try blueberries
Meat or Veggies: Both.
TV or Movie: Movie
Guitar or Drums?: Drums
Adidas or Nike: nike 
Chinese or Mexican: food?: IT'S FOOD!!! OF COZ BOTH!!! DUH!!
Cheerios or Corn Flakes: no idea what cheerios are so cornflakes i guess 
Cake or Pie: RICH MOLTEN CHOCOLATE MUD CAKE and SHEPERD'S PIE!! *droolsatthethoghtoffood*

Who to tag?

anyone who wanna do it... XD


of Carbonara, vikings and memories

Sunday 18th January 

woke up in time today but was still late for mass though as my sayang drove and she was having a little trouble parking the car with the narrow space available for her. after mass, we (david, kevin leong, sayang and i) went over to tesco to get some needed ingredience for lunch and later headed over to andre's place for andre's wonderful carbonara.

my sayang also somewhat learnt how to cook simple carbonara and through out the entire cooking session, andre was pretending to wallace from Wallace and Grommit by constantly saying "Cheese grommit. CHEESE!!!"

therefore we all had carbonara and three different types of andre's home made hashbrowns. hmmm~... yum yum!!

since my sayang was tired as she slept late last night blogging and woke up early for mass this morning, i asked her to take a nap while i watch TV and the boys (kevin and boris) play pc games.

when my sayang woke up, we proceeded to gurney plaza wondering what we could do and what movie was available that we have yet to watch. after a quick scan of the board with the list of movies available, we decided to watch 'Outlander'

the beginning of the movie and the sponsoring company didn't make sense at first. and it was so confusing that my sayang and i had actually wondered if we stepped into the wrong cinema by mistake. thank goodness that we did not do such a clumsy mistake.

as usual, my sayang and i "upgraded" our sits from a normal RM 10 sit to a couple sit for FREE!!! hahahha XD

dinner was at the coffee shop in pulau tikus called bee hui and later we proceeded to go back to my sayang's place. However, instead of going to the pool side to have our usual chats and convos, we both subconsiously agreed that chatting in the car would definitely be a better option for today especially for the topic of conversation which eventually came up : how we met -> how we got attracted to each other -> when did we fall in love with each other and so on. it was like we had our 9th month anniversary talk 2 days n advance before the actual day... not that i am complaining since the moment was somewhat right and the environment was just perfect.

Sadly, time always fly faster than usual when we're having our conversations and by the time we knew it, it was already 12 and time for my sayang to go back up to her home. T.T haiz... i love that girlfriend of mine so so much.

pat sayang. i know you'll be reading this post. So since u're already here reading, i would just like to say that i love u with all my heart no matter how many times it had been shattered before i met you and i thank God everyday for letting us meet each other that fatefull day in KDU and for the wonderful relationship that both of us share. Bokuwa hontoni zutto zutto aishiteru, bokuwa no ai, Patrice-chan. ^.^ 



1. Does it matter to you if your boyfriend or girlfriend smokes?
DUH!!! 1) coz it's a turn-off for me and 2) coz i'm allergic to smoke.


2. How about drinking?
hmm... i'm cool with it as long as she can control herself and not get drunk as well as not turning into a alcoholic 

3. Do you like someone you can't have?

nope! coz i'm in love with a girl and i have no complaints about tge relationship i'm currently in. ^.^


4. If someone liked you right now, would you want them to tell you?

well "like" can mean so many different things and "like" in itself has so many different definations. so i guess i would like it if they were to tell me and be honest. However, if it's a relationship they're looking for, then i'm sorry to say that i already have someone i love deeply. 


5. What's your favourite sport?
i love a lot of sports. but the one that i like most but can't play due to my arm injuries is badminton. i DO, however, play other sports such as basketball and ping pong.


6. Its Saturday night, and you're home alone... what do you do?

I have a few options:

  • Sleep
  • read manga online
  • eat 
  • Watch anime
  • eat
  • go online
  • eat
  • play games on my laptop
  • day dream about my girlfriend
  • did i mention eat?? 

7. Do you like roller coasters?
yup! i wish to try out roller coasters from other places other than that in time square, sunway lagoon though. XD

8. When's the perfect time to have a bf/gf?

when the heart is ready to accept another person for who they are


9. If you could date any celebrity, who would it be?
Jassica Alba! She's HOT! HOT! HOT!!! and Jennifer Love Hewitt. but then again. i have someone even hotter right now. who is that?? go figure. hehehe 

10. What are you doing this weekend?
Basketball. Maybe swimming. assignments, reading online manga, going over to my sayang's place, indulge myself with chocolate and sleep. 

11. What is your favourite restaurant?
i love food! so if the food is good and affordable then i like it. if want me to be spesific, i'm sorry but i can't coz there're just too many. 

12. Have you ever hugged someone?
DUH! i've hugged people since i was a baby! =P

13. Ever kissed someone you weren't attracted to?
ya! my grandmother on her cheeks. ^.^ 

14. Do you like anyone right now?
well, i know that i LOVE someone right now. 

15. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?

personality. a girl or guy can be the best looking person in the whole world. but if their personality is shitty, then i won't be attracted to even notice them.


16. Which do you prefer, Beach or Mountains?
both. beach coz of the water and the amount of fun things you can play. mountains coz it's temparature cool, brings me closer to nature and the scenery i see when i get to the top is just amazing.


17. What kind of phone do you have?
Sony Ericsson P910i 

18. Computer or Laptop?
Laptop because it’s portable.

19. Jeans or Sweats?
depends on where i am or where i'm going.

20. Which year(s) has/have been the best so far?
every year has it's ups and downs and every year we grow, learn new lessons, see new things, get new experiences, meeting new people of different background. so every year i live is eventually the best year for me coz of the memories created.

21. How old are you gonna be on your next birthday?
21. can start voting and go clubbing d. 


22. What should you be doing right now?


23. What is your favourite TV show?
ghost whisperer.


24. What's been your last purchase?

rice and dishes for lunch in college.


25. Are you attracted to girls/boys that smoke?
refer to question 1. 

26. Have you ever fallen on your butt in front of a crowd of people?
i think so.


27. What do you do when you're at home?
Sleep, wake up, bathe, brush my teeth, eat, go online, snack, read online manga, eat, watch anime, eat, play games, eat, do house chores, eat.

28. What is your favourite subject?

English and if given the opportunity.... ACTING!!! >_<  


29. What's the best thing that's ever happened to you?

 being born.

30. Tag 10 people:
My best friend Daniel
Adele Khor
May Ling
Su li

Directions : Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don't forget to leave a comment (''You're tagged!'') and to read your blog, you can't tag the person who tagged you.

1. i love chocolates
2. my favourite colour are red, black, white and lime green
3. i wanna be an actor
4. i like to eat
5. i'm an animal lover
6. i'm in love with my love
7. i ride a honda EX5
8. i have a simply wardrobe
9. i'm studying Mass Comm
10. i like to read Archies
11. let's go watch a movie
12. i like to spend time in the arcade
13. gurney was like my second home
14. i like to try out new cuisines
15. i like going to buffets
16. i want to go for vacations out of malaysia

i tag:
daniel- coz i wanna see wat he'll put
adele- to help her use up her temporary free time
shmay- wondering wat she'll put in
david- simply to add up on his blog
andre- no particular reason
gino- i wanna see wat this puppy will put
may ling- no reason
su li - same as may ling
cathelyn- out of curiousity 
maya- out of curiosity




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